We are a leading law firm handling maritime, transport, aviation, insurance and their related cases. We have nine maritime lawyers. All are maritime specialists including collision, salvage, casualty, cargo, chaterparty. We have very strong network all over the world. Therefore, our firm can handle any cases happened in any countries.
Our young lawyers are quite active and fly to anywhere and negotiate, take legal steps cooperated with local lawyers and reach good conclusion satisfactory to our clients.
Our lawyers are trained in foreign countries, United Kingdom, United States, China, etc.
They have quite deep knowledge and experiences about foreign laws as well as international conventions. We handle a lot of litigations, arbitrations, ship arrest cases and other disputes in Japan and abroad. Our firm is nominated as a first layer local law firm of shipping in Legal 500.
We will keep working for good results satisfactory to our clients and continue our reputations as highly recommendable lawyers.

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Shuji Yamaguchi
Takehiko Tozuka
Teruyuki Sago

Key contacts

  • Shuji Yamaguchi
    Shuji Yamaguchi
    Head of Dry Shipping Team
    Email s-yamaguchi@olo.gr.jp
  • Takehiko Tozuka
    Takehiko Tozuka
    Email t-takehiko@olo.gr.jp
  • Teruyuki Sago
    Teruyuki Sago
    Head of Wet Shipping and
    Emergency Response Team
    Email te-sago@olo.gr.jp
    Mobile +81-90-2416-6924