Serving as a single solution for all your legal needs.

While our focus has and continues to be the maritime, shipping and insurance industries, the range and depth of our services has expanded in response to the diversified needs our clientele and the complexity of our practice. While constantly honing our skills and keeping on top of the latest developments impacting the legal environment, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI offers clients top-ranked legal advice and services in the following areas.

Maritime Incidents

Responding to the unexpected with the confidence of experience.

Advising and handling the myriad legal issues and claims that arise in wake of maritime incidents is where the services of OKABE & YAMAGUCHI excel.

Our service expertise includes

  • Collision & Casualties
  • Fire, Sinking, Grounding
  • Salvage & Wreck removal
  • Accident-related Environmental Issues
  • Contracts of carriage
  • Charter party agreements
  • Bill of lading agreements
  • Memorandum of agreements


Keeping your business on an even legal keel.

OKABE & YAMAGUCHI provides expert legal services and advice for the day-to-day commercial matters that drive your business.

Our service expertise includes

  • Commercial agreements
  • Technical and management contracts
  • Licensing agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Sales of goods contracts
  • Corporate legal affairs
  • Product Liability law
  • Bill of exchange (check) and Promissory Note Act Law (public notice procedures, dispute resolution, and various other services)
  • Bankruptcy/Civil Rehabilitation Law/Corporate Reorganization Laws (bankruptcy protection, relevant response and other related advice and services)
  • Comprehensive corporate legal services encompassing the full scope of our sectors of expertise including issues related to joint ventures, partnerships, and M&A.

Dispute Resolution

Steering a confident course through complex disputes.

From international litigation to arbitration, mediation, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI are experts in resolving disputes in every sector of our practice from maritime and shipping to insurance.

Our service expertise includes

  • Commercial litigation (including filing and defending claims for actions actions in rem or in personam)
  • Arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Asset recovery
  • Multi-jurisdictional support for all of the above (in coordination with leading correspondent law firms in countries around the world)


Backing trade and asset financing with solid legal advice.

For all finance-related needs across the entire scope of our expertise, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI provides comprehensive legal advice founded on experience.

Our service expertise includes

  • Legal advice and services for asset finance (ships, aviation, etc.)
  • Legal advice and services trade and project financing
  • Legal advice on finance-related regulatory issues.


Keeping you up-to-date and in regulatory compliance.

From international treaties to the constantly changing scene of trade regulations, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI advises clients on the impact and advantages of the regulatory environment.

Our service expertise includes

  • Anti-dumping regulation
  • Trade sanctions
  • Customs
  • Compliance with regulations by jurisdiction