Comprehensive support for the global maritime/transportation business world.
Breadth and depth of our sector coverage ensures our readiness to supply our clients with the qualified legal advice on demand. As the scope of legal needs of our clients has grown, we have expanded our offering of in-depth knowledge and specialized legal expertise.


By definition, maritime law encompasses all law related to ships and shipping from the building, navigation and crewing of ships to their operation and any ship-related incident. Moreover, shipping can be broadly divided into dry shipping legal matters such as charter disputes, ship sale and purchase, and wet shipping law such as collisions, grounding, casualties, salvage, pollution claims and other incidents that occur on the water. Moreover, bill of lading claims may involve the handling or technical operational management of ships by ship’s officers, owners, managers, ports, tugs or other parties, adding the dimension of “wet shipping” to complex issue. Such cases call for a high level of specialist experience and expertise. The entire scope of maritime law from wet to dry is the core competency of OKABE & YAMAGUCHI.


Overlapping maritime law, the realm of aviation law is also a highly specialized field that concerns all aspects of air travel and airfreight. Disputes in this sector can be highly complex and require expertise in a broad range of areas including aviation liability and related transactional, regulatory and commercial law. From the resolution of air freight accidents and compensation claims and advising on the financing, sale and leaseback of aircraft to handling the many issues that may arise in the wake of an aircraft accident, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI has been meeting the challenges in the aviation sector for a quarter of a century.

Insurance & Reinsurance

From advising insurers on coverage and liability, assessing potential regulatory issues and interpretation/drafting of contracts to dispute resolution and mediation, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI brings both extensive expertise and experience to the complex and often global challenges of the insurance and reinsurance sector. In addition to major insurance and reinsurance companies, we support policyholders, brokers and other related parties with valuable legal advice and a comprehensive lineup of services for all maritime and shipping insurance-related matters.


Drawing on in-depth knowledge of banking and commercial contract law, our work in the banking and finance sector is focused on shipping finance, related asset financing/leasing/mortgaging, advising clients on financial instruments and risk management including foreign exchange exposure, collateral enforcement, and when required, pursuing litigation and claim resolution. From advising on intricate financial transactions to helping to structure international financing involving complex accounting issues, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI delivers global-class experience and expertise.


From freight forwarders and insurance companies to warehouse operators and port and terminal operators as well as retailers and manufacturers, OKABE & YAMAGUCHI provides a wide range of clients in the logistics sector with expert advice for all aspects of operations. Whether the client needs transactional, regulatory or litigation advice, our comprehensive service ensures single-source convenience backed by extensive experience. Beginning with preparation of contracts for service procurement and following through with advice on insurance arrangements and if necessary, dispute resolution, our team can support any company that pursues or relies on logistics.